Actress and model Nisha Ghimire's health is gradually improving said the doctors involved in the treatment. Megha Chaudhary, managing director of Norvic Hospital, who had been in a semi-conscious state for three years after the accident, rescued her and started treatment on Jestha 27. Norvic Hospital is currently treating him in a special treatment room. From the day after she was admitted to the hospital, a happy look was seen on her face. According to the hospital, her wounds started healing after the treatment. A team lead by Dr. Pankaj Jalan is treating her with wheelchair therapy and music therapy.


According to the doctor, she has been trying to speak for a few days now. Dr. Jalan said that when she was hungry, Nisha started giving signals and even reacted with facial and eye gestures as if she understood what they were saying. He said that the possibility of Nisha returning to normal as before due to severe brain damage was low. Doctors have even started putting her in a wheelchair from Tuesday. She had gone to India three years ago to study acting. She was seriously injured in a road accident there and was treated in India for a long time.

Nisha Ghimire

However, her family brought her to Nepal by ambulance as they could not afford the expensive hospital expenses. Nisha has acted in more than three dozen music videos along with a Nepali film.