Comedian Manoj Gajurel has questioned the leaders of political parties saying what is stopping them from focusing on saving the lives of the people. Writing the sarcasm status on social media, he has even warned that the sun should shine before the night of hatred, anger, and rebellion fall.

"Even though it's late, the sun is shining on our wrists," he wrote. 'We have decided to postpone all differences in this dire situation of epidemic and now focus on saving the lives of the people” Furthermore, he wrote, " "Which 'doctrine' stopping you from doing that, honorable leaders?" Manoj asked Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to top leaders of various parties.

Even when the people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen, the leaders of the government and political parties are being criticized for watching and playing the game of power. Manoj also satirized the issue and warned the leaders to pay attention to this issue before creating outrage among the people.