'Butwal Buspark' has been released with the voices of singer Pawan Oli and singer Rachna Rimal. The words and music in the song can be heard by the singer Oli. In the romantic song, the arrangement is by Shyamswet Rasaily. Singer Oli has already released songs like 'Dhanai Kutne Dhiki', 'Kholima Pani', 'Machhi Basyo', 'Pardesh Ko Bas', 'Akshatama Dahi'. The music video of the song has been directed by Shiva BK. Where Jibesh Gurung and Yangshu Shrestha are featured. In the video of the song, their pair is suitable.

Filmed by Ajaya Regmi, the music video is co-directed by Madhav Shrestha, edited by Padam Subedi, collar by Milan Biswakarma, and makeup by Saksham Pudasaini. The song has been made public on singer Oli's official YouTube channel.