The trailer of the new Bhojpuri film 'Prem Geet 2' starring Nepali actress Shilpa Pokharel has been released. Shilpa has got enough screen space in the trailer that was made public on Tuesday. In the film, she is paired with Bhojpuri star Pradeep Pandey. In the film, Pradeep is in the role of 'Prem' and Shilpa is in the role of 'Geet'. The ups and downs of their love are shown in the trailer. The film shot around Pokhara, Nepal, is directed by Sonu Khatri of Nepali origin. Apart from Pradeep and Shilpa, the film also stars Amit Shukla, Rambha Sahani, Rohit Singh, CP Bhatt, Ranjit Kumar Sharma, and Rohit Thapa. While watching the trailer of the film, a glimpse of the Nepali film 'Prem Geet' comes. Sonu Khatri himself has produced the film.

The film, produced by Ratnakar Kumar, has cinematographer to choreographer are from Nepal. The film is shot by Hari Ghale Lama, edited by Bande Prasad, conflict by Shree Shrestha, music by Om Jha, choreographed by Kabiraj Gahatraj, Shiv BK, Riki Gupta, and Bibek Thapa, VFX by Samir Miya, color by Renish Phago , lyrics by Umalal Yadav and the story written by AB Mohan.

Shilpa has previously acted in a Bhojpuri film called 'Jay Shambhu'. In this film too, she was paired with Bhojpuri star Pradeep Pandey. Although the trailer of 'Prem Geet 2' has been made public, the release date has not been announced. Shilpa is very excited about this film. She is also confident of establishing herself as an actress in the Bhojpuri market.