The five-day Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) has ended on Monday. Along with the screening of the film at the festival, various issues were also discussed among the filmmakers. In the first session after the inauguration of the festival, Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap shared his experience related to the film. Due to the Corona epidemic, this time 'NIF' is online. The best film screened at the festival has also been awarded. 'Ama Khando', directed by Dandup Chhiring, was declared the best film in the NIF, while the film also won the director's award. The film has won a one lakh cash prize. Similarly, Nabin Shilpakar and Sarita Giri from 'Latokosero' were declared the best heroes and heroines.

                                                        Ama Khando

The film, directed and shot by Sirish Gurung, has also won an award for cinematography. Sergio Baso bagged the Best Screenplay Award for Best Feature Screenplay from 'Sarita Tell Me Who I Am, while 'Dictionary', directed by Batrya Basu, won the Feature Film Award for International Competition. The film has won 1,500 US dollars.

In the short film and documentary competition, South Korea's 'Gods Daughter Dances' won the Bagmati Award of 500 Dollar. In this genre, Rajesh Prasad Khatri directed 'Julungo' won the title. Similarly, in the animated genre, Finland's 'Uberfrog' received the Manjushri Award of 750 Dollar.

The documentary award at the festival was won by Switzerland's 'Return to the Lost Eden'. The film won the 1,000 dollars of Mount Everest Award. In this genre, Ganesh Pandey directed 'Civil Soldiers' about the corona epidemic excelled. It also received a 500 Dollar prize. The festival, which started on Thursday, screened 66 films.