Actor Ajay Adhikari Sushil has released a public awareness short film 'Yamaraj'. In the video, an attempt is made to awaken the consciousness by presenting the frightening story that Yamaraj is the one who moves the corona when he is brought to Yamalok without a mask.

The video stars Ajay Adhikari Sushil, Durganath Dahal, Chiring Sherpa, Gopal Giri, Rajkamal Kharel, Anu Khadka, Sneha Pakhrin, and Prasansha Shrestha. Ajay used to distribute food to the hungry people in the street due to the previous lockdown and this time too he is planning to start soon.

The one and a half minute long short film is produced by Durganath Dahal and shot and edited by Gopal Eri and Raj Kamal Fakir.