Of the three films that have been announced for release on 27thChaitra, 'Lappan Chappan 2' and 'Mann Sanga Mann' have been postponed indefinitely due to corona. Another film 'Krishna Leela' which is coming on the same date is also in the pipeline. The new movie 'Good Friend' will be released on 27thChaitraafter the cinema halls will be without movies in the New Year.

Announcing the release date on Wednesday, the production team has released the trailer of the film. The film is directed by Raj Bahadur Sane. The film stars Mukesh Dhakal, Sabina Karki, Raj Singh, Deepak Bikram Shahi, LB Katuwal, Rajan Maharjan, Basanta Barma, Pooja Maharjan, Dhiraj Khatri and Bhumika Sapkota among others.

The film is produced by Basanta Barma, Raj Singh and Pampha Barma under the banner of BG Barma Films. The film is co-produced by Baruf Barma and Parubi Barma. The song of the film has music by Sanjay Lama Bal, Pradip Khadka's conflict direction and editing by Prabal Pradhan. "Good Friend" shows the love between friends, said director Sane.