Silk Fashion at Durbar Marg is celebrating its seventh anniversary on Chaitra 28. Organizer and designer Srijana Pokharel said that a fashion show is also being organized at the gathering of celebrities on the occasion. "We are planning a special event to inspire hope and enthusiasm when the Corona pandemic has disrupted everything," Pokhrel said. It is famous for its silk fashion gown, one-piece, lehenga and sari which started 7 years ago with the slogan "Fashion for All". Various discount schemes have been introduced on the occasion of the annual festival. Silk Fashion has been designing dresses for many celebrities in Nepal.

Silk Fashion also makes dresses for children, party wear, coats and suits for men. Pokharel, a fashion designer, said that people prefer the dress' design here as they have taken the service once. Pokharel said that a few percent of the sold money during the annual festival will be spent on social services. ‘On the occasion, the women who have contributed in various fields of social service along with fashion shows will be honored’ said Pokharel.