Actress Reema Bishwokarma who had debuted from movie 'Swar' is now lately busy as anchor rather than actress. After working as an anchor in two series of 'Nepal Idol', she is known to large group of audiences is currently associated with 'Comedy Champion' produced by her own group. In this too, she is in charge of the announcer.

Her latest release is 'Mr. Nepali' with Bhuwan K.C but this movie was also unable to provide full stop in her series of failures. Before lockdown she had worked on 'Hijo Ajaka Kura' and after that has not signed any movies.

Actress Rima Bishwokarma

Not only in career but also in personal life, Reema has both good and bad memories and faced many ups and downs in life. In 2072 B.S she married Robert Bishwakarma which after two years of marriage ended. His ex husband has already married but she has not any plan of getting married soon. But she has been facing questions about marriage by both media persons and her fans repeatedly. When one of her fan asked her "when are you getting married?" in her Instagram. In response she wrote, "Being single does not make you die. It's not okay to be in a relationship in a hurry. So I have left this decision to time. 'She has expressed her intention to be single.