The autobiography of Manisha Koirala's 'Healed' Nepali translations 'Jijivisha: Cancerle Diyeko Naya Jeevan' has been made public. The Nepali version translated by journalist Swaroop Acharya was published by Fine Print after the English version 'Healed' written by Manisha and Neelam Kumar became very popular. The book covers Manisha's struggle to recover from cancer and her outlook on life.
Speaking at the video launch of the book on Sunday, actress Koirala said that she was very careless before she was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2012. While having treatment of cancer in America, one rinpochhe guru said her to jot down all the feelings and pain and suffering that she had after getting cancer. From that day she started taking notes about all pain and suffering which she brought later in the book. She further said that she wrote this book thinking that her life will be meaningful if she could give to the society what he had suffered from cancer.