The movie Prem Geet-3, produced in Nepali and Hindi languages, has been released worldwide from today. Despite entering the world's mainstream film market, the film could not find significant theaters. According to sources related to the movie, this movie has started screening in around 600 theaters in India and various countries including Nepal. Among them, one and a half hundred halls belong to Nepal. 

Despite not getting the expected and advertised number of shows in India, it is the first time a Nepali movie has penetrated the mainstream market there. Earlier it was estimated that the film would be screened in 500 theaters, but it was not possible. India's film trade analyst Rohit Jaiswal tweeted yesterday that Premgeet 3 could not get a nationwide show at national chain multiplexes. He says that the film suffered an initial setback due to lack of publicity and lack of interest from the audience.

It has also been analyzed that Indian audiences are not attracted to films made in India or South India due to the fact that they do not have original themes.

There are more than 6000 single screen halls in India while there are only 3000 multiplexes. In that, the number of halls that Prem Geet 3 got is very less. If this number does not increase in the coming days, it will be difficult for this movie to generate revenue from India as expected. It is said that more than 10 crores have been invested in the movie. To raise this investment, a gross collection of over 300 million should be made. It does not seem possible from the domestic market alone.

Today, Prem Geet 3 has ruled the halls of Nepal. Theaters across the country have given enough shows to it. Only the Nepali version of Prem Geet-3 was released in Nepal today. It is said that the Hindi version will be released only on Monday as the censor certificate has not come. The production side is hopeful as some viewers are more eager to watch the Hindi version.

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Kabaddi 4 is the highest grossing film in Nepal. This movie, which was released this year, had a gross collection of around 20 crores. The movie had an opening of more than two and a half crores on the first day itself. As the opening of Prem Geet 3 did not find Kabaddi 4, the same cannot be said about the Lifetime Collection.

Film distributor Govinda Shahi claimed that the halls across the country are house full today. However, he says that all the reports will come only by evening. Tomorrow, Saturday, there is a possibility of a nationwide house full.

If that happens, today and tomorrow the film can collect the highest gross collection of 4 crores from Nepal. Business from Sunday will depend on word of mouth. The business of the Hindi version, which is scheduled to be released on Monday, cannot be said yet. The reviews of the Nepali version seem to affect the business of the Hindi version.

Apart from Nepal and India, Prem Geet-3 entered some other countries, but it did not get a significant hall. It is understood that less than 50 halls have been found in total. Sources related to the film claim that Prem Geet 3 has been released in America, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UAE and other countries, but did not want to reveal the number of theaters.

Prem Geet-3 is produced by Santosh Sen. This movie was made in Nepali and later dubbed into Hindi. There was a controversy over the issue of whether or not to recognize Nepali films in Hindi Language. The board had said that 15 percent film development tax had to be paid as it was dubbed without permission. However, after the intervention of the Ministry of Communications, it was decided to give equal concessions to Nepali films. Only the income from the film and the income from the Nepali version in other countries will be in the hands of Santosh Sen. The income earned by the Hindi version in countries other than Nepal will be taken by the Indian producers associated with this film.