Lyricist Prakash Subedi has been awarded the 8th National Rapti Music Award. He was awarded for the song 'Sip Sikaun, Dakshya Banau' in the category of the best message lyricist. The song was prepared two years ago with the help of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Government of Nepal and the Foreign Employment Board to raise awareness among Nepali youths that they should learn skills and work independently no matter where they are at home or abroad.

Apart from the music and the voice of Hari Lamsal, the famous singer Melina Rai also accompanied the song. In the award ceremony held at the Rashtriya Nachghar in Jamal, various people were honored in 53 categories including national spirit, message, pop, folk, modern, film song, acting, cinematography, direction, and editing.