Lyricist Santosh Panta has brought the Dashain song 'Happy Dashain 2'. Composed by Panta, the song features vocals by Raju Dhakal, Devi Gharti and Rabin Lamichhane. The song, composed by Sunil Pariyar, connects the village to the home.

The video of the song features Shisir Poudel, Sushma Dhakal, Sanjita Bhandari, Roshika Dhakal and others along with lyricist Pant. Directed by Madan Khadka, the video has cinematography by Prakash Khadka and Arun Neupane, and editing by Bikash Gyawali. Panta had previously brought a song with the lyrics 'Happy Dashain' during last year's Dashain.