Actor Pradeep Khadka has demanded the resignation of Film Development Board Chairman Bhuwan K.C. Actor Khadka made this demand while speaking at a press conference on Saturday. A case has been filed in the Supreme Court against President K.C. He said that it would be better for K.C if he resigned before the trial of the case. Khadka alleges that President K.C imposed new rules before the release of Prem Geet-3 to make it a failure. He criticized board chairman K.C for bringing a rule that places where liquor can be opened till 4 am, but cinema halls close at 11 pm.

Attending a press conference with the team in Kathmandu, the 'Prem Geet 3' team has expressed their anger towards the Film Development Board and its Chairman Bhuwan K.C. The production team had complained that they did not get support from the parent organization of the country while the movie was being released all over the world to make Nepal proud during the pandemic. Speaking at the event, actor Pradeep Khadka said that to stop them, the development board had implemented the rule that films could not be released after 11 o'clock.

Referring to the case against Bhuvan KC regarding his educational qualification, he opined that it is better for the board president Bhuwan K.C to resign than to stop the development of Nepali films in this way. Speaking at a press conference, Pradeep had also said that the honor given by the board a few days ago seemed like an honor given with the pleasure of paying 15 percent.

He also expressed his anger towards the Producers Association and said that they issued a notice saying that Nepali films should be taxed like Hindi. If this behavior continues, another producer union can be opened. He said that there may be a compulsion to open. He again satirized Bhuwvan K.C and suggested that it would be appropriate for Bhuwan K.C to resign, even though it seems that experience is more important than education.

In the program, producer and director Santosh Sen complained that although he was with the audience, he did not get support from filmmakers and organizations. Sen had complained that politics was being done with the intention of suppressing his creativity. "Prem Geet 3" will be screened from Aswin 7.