The trailer of the song film 'Maanish Thulo Dil Le Hunchha' has been released. The trailer tries to show how caste discrimination has made society ugly. The story of love, romance and foreign employment of a couple of young people can also be seen in the trailer.

[Maanish Thulo Dil Le Hunchha]

Devendra Pandey has directed the film produced under the banner of Saurpani Media Pvt Ltd. Produced by Mani Nepali Paneru, the film stars Abhinash Neupane and Shreya Karki in the lead roles. Mohan Niraula, Uttam KC, Saru Sunuwar, Shubham Acharya, Sabina Neupane, Mani Nepali Paneruko and others are also acting in the film. The film is based on 6 folk songs and written by producer Paneru.

The songs of the film, which have solo music by Purna Nepali, who is also the Nepali cultural ambassador for Canada, have the voice of Raju Pariyar, Tulsi Parajuli, Devi Gharti, Nisha Desar, Dharmendra Seban, Tika Pun and other singers. Although the trailer of the film has been released, the release date has not been announced. Director Pandey said that before the public screening in Nepal, the film is planned to be screened in America and other states.