The production of the reality show 'The Poet Idol' based on poetry has been announced for the first time in Nepal. It was informed that auditions for the show have been opened by holding a press conference on Sunday. The reality show directed by Aman Pratap Adhikari will be organized with the aim of bringing the talent of Nepali language poets to the world. In the show, contestants will perform poetry writing and reading. Those interested in participating can apply online by sending a 2-minute poem recited by them.

[Surakshya Panta]

The judges of the show will be directors and actors Anup Baral, Upendra Subba, actress Surakshya Panta and poet and lyricist Biplav Pratik. Actor Divya Dev will be seen as the host and Saigrace Pokharel will be the performance mentor of the show. "Various programs are held to showcase songs, music and dance or other special talents. But poetry has no show. No one made the poet feel like a star. We have tried to create a platform for those who write poetry to feel like a star," said the director Adhikari. It will be broadcast on AP1 Television.

[Saigrace Pokharel]