Krishna Janmashtami, the team of the much-awaited film 'Krishna-Leela', which is going to be released on Bhadra3, has organized a concert in Chitwan's Bharatpur on Tuesday. Puspa Khadka, actress Shraddha Chhetri, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, director Dipak Oli, singer Ravi Oad, singer Sunita Karki and choreographer Michael Chand reached Chitwan from Kathmandu to participate in the concert held at the CG Landmark Shopping Center. At the concert, Puspa and Shraddha had to face security to protect them from the crowd. Thousands of audience surrounded Puspa, Shraddha, at and other singers.

Actor Puspa and actress Shraddha addressed the audience and danced to the songs 'Atal Bacha Gare' and 'Tyo Kathama Euta Raja' from 'Krishna Leela' in the concert of the promotion tour, which was presented by Oasis Education and event directed by Michael Chand. Buddhi Tamang and Rabindra Jha gave a fun performance asking the audience to watch 'Krishna Leela'. When singer Ravi and singer Sunita sang 'Atal Bach Gare', the audience got very excited and chanted 'once more'. Actor Puspa said that he was very happy with the love, respect, and encouragement received from the Chitwan audience. Director Dipak asked the audience to watch 'Krishna Leela' and give their feedback, while actress Shraddha said that since this is her first film in terms of performance, she is expecting a lot of love and support. At the concert which started at 5 pm, taking photos and selfies with the actors and director of 'Krishna Leela' continued till late at night.