Actresses Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah and Garima Sharma have flown to the UK on Monday to shoot the film 'London to Paris'. Actors Kabir Khadka and Nischal Khadka also flew with them. Director Ghanshyam Lamichhane's team is currently in London for the film, which will be shot in three cities in the UK from next year. Filming will take place in London, Manchester, and Wales.

Talking to some media at Tribhuvan Airport, Samragyee, Garima and two heroes said that they were excited about the shooting. "I hope it will be fun to finally work," Samragyee said.  Garima, who is about to make her acting debut from the same film, said that although she was nervous during the workshop, Samragyee helped her to gain confidence.

They were addressing each other as sisters. Samragyee was seen hot at the airport in black glasses and a black dress. The film, based on a travel love story, is set to shoot from the UK to France. Written by Pradip Bharadwaj, the film is being produced by AB International.