A complaint has been filed in a New York court against Kapil Sharma, a successful comedian on Indian television. Kapil is currently on a tour of Canada with his team. During this tour, a complaint was filed against him. Kapil has been accused of not fulfilling the agreement. However, this is not the case now, but in 2015.

[Kapil Sharma with is team]

Sai USA Inc. has filed a complaint against Kapil. In 2015, Kapil signed a contract for some shows in North America. He did not implement the agreement. Popular American show promoter Amit Zetley had agreed that Kapil would do six shows at that time. For which Kapil had also taken payment. 'But he did not give any presentation or answer. I tried to talk to him several times before I went to court, but it didn't seem possible," he said. According to Zetley, the case is still pending in a New York court.

[Kapil Sharma]