The special movie of the year 2072, 'Chhayan' made on the subject of child sexual abuse now can be seen on television as it is being released on Dish Home TV on 1st of December. A fee of Rs 225 has been fixed for watching the film. The film directed by director Manoj Pandit who is known for making film on serious subjects stars Prakash Ghimire, Anup Baral, Aruna Karki, Ashant Sharma, Saibrat Acharya, Prabina Khadka and others.

In this movie actor Anup is seen playing negative character. As per the director the film is made on the psychological impact of adolescent children and is confident that this film with alert both parents and children. So he said that this film is a must watch for children and parents as parents who can not give time to their children will get some education by watching this film.