The title song of the film  'Dokh' has been made public. The song 'Ban Chari Udyo' has been made public during a program in the capital on Friday. The song features the voice of Amrit Gurung, the lead singer of the Nepathya band. It is the first song of Dokh sung by Gurung.


Speaking on the occasion, Gurung said about the song, "I decided not to sing in the film. At the request of my close friend Anup, I sang a song for him in Dokh. "The song has spoken the cover of the film. The song features most of the cast of the film. It was informed that the song 'OBan Chari Udyo' has been recorded live while the practice of live recording has been abolished.

Singer Gurung said in the program, "It is very difficult to create". "If you love creation, you will be encouraged to create another." Rajan Kathet has written the story of Dokh directed by Anup Baral in preparation for the nationwide release from Asar 24 this year. The film stars Diya Maskey, Manish Niraula, Lokmani Sapkota, Maotse Gurung, Roy Dibh, Raj Thapa, Suraj Malla, Kamal Devkota, Sajan Thapa Magar among others.