28-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is currently battling a dangerous disease. Bieber reported on his Instagram account that he had paralysis in half of his face.

"You can see, I can't blink an eye. I have Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. I can't laugh because one side of me is not moving. One side of my face is completely paralyzed, which affects my skin, my brain, my strength and my health, "Bieber said in the video.

Justin has been resting for some time after the illness. He posted a video on social media saying that he had canceled his concert show. In the video, Justin looks very weak. He is also finding it difficult to speak.

In the video, he has repeatedly shown his face to the fans. He is saying how he has not been able to blink his eyes. He has not even been able to laugh at one part.

"I am not able to perform on stage at the moment, because my body is not working. This virus is very serious. "You can see my body," he said.