Former Miss International Niti Shah used to return the producer / director who had taken the offer of the film a few years back saying that she had no interest in the film. But this year, the policy itself is eager to play the film. he has already started the process by hiring a manager to make the film and is also looking for a screenwriter.

Few days ago, she had posted on social media saying that she needed a writer. This indicates that the policy is about to make her debut in Nepali film by making the film herself. But who is the hero for this? Is a matter of interest. But according to sources close to Niti, she is preparing to work with the famous hero while making the first film. For this, her eyes are on Anmol K.C and Pradip Khadka.

Niti is relatively close to Pradip. She had advertised Dis Home with Pradip and a few days ago she had also done a photo shoot of Prabhu Bank with Pradip whereas Anmol and Niti are classmates of Malpi School. 

Manager Nirajan Giri, who has just been hired by Niti, also looks after Anmol's work. At the same time, Niti has conveyed the message to Anmol's father Bhuwan K.C that she is ready to play in the film. According to sources, she had called Bhuwan K.C and said that she was willing to play the film with Anmol.