The lyrical title song video of Raju Maharjan's film 'Satyam' has been made public. The film song, which could not be filmed in time after the announcement, has been made public through Ramro Entertainment's official YouTube channel. The lyrical video of the song with lyrics by Resham Sapkota, music by Kutumb Band and music concept by Yogesh Kazi has been edited by Rakesh Dahal. Actor Rajesh Hamal is featured in the video. None of the other actors in the film have been shown. The production team has not been able to go for filming after Paul Shah, one of the main actors of the film, was involved in sexual harassment.

Producer Resham Sapkota commented that it would be difficult to start filming of the project until the investigation into Paul's case is concluded. He also said that he did not back down from making films as per the rumors circulating in the market. He said, ‘After we announced the film, the audience felt that we could not provide any content about it. That is why we have released the lyrical video of the song from the film. ' He said that no one's name was mentioned in the song and that everything would be announced soon through a press conference. "The pre-production work is almost done," he said. There may be some member manipulation. We have our own reasons for not naming any members of the team other than me in the video. ' Actor Rajesh Hamal, Paul Shah, Anoop Bikram Shahi, actress Upashna Singh Thakuri and other actors have already been cast in the film.