The film 'Hello Jindagi', which will be released on Chaitra 18, has intensified its publicity as the release date is approaching. Similarly, the film has released a romantic song of 'Anauntho Maya' in the capital on Tuesday. The song, sung by Adrian Pradhan and Rajina Rimal, features the film's lead actors Bikram D Joshi and Deepika Prasai. The choreography of the song with lyrics by director Bohara and music by Amit Shrestha has been done by Bollywood choreographer Bishnu Deva. At the event, director Bohara lamented that two actresses of the film, Priyanka Karki and Deepika Prasai, did not support the promotion. "They did not support the promotion," he said. "They did not respond even when contacted several times."

"Hello Jindagi" Team

In the same program, the executive producer of the film, Srijana Joshi Maharjan , expressed her belief that 'Hello Jindagi' would win the hearts of the viewers as it was made under the influence of true events. Actor Bikram said that they have not spared any effort in making quality films. He expressed his belief that the film would be liked by the audience. The folk song 'Okharko Dana' included in the film was also made public in the program. The film, shot in UK and Kathmandu, stars Priyanka Karki, Wilson Bikram Rai, Bikrant Basnet, Everest Surya Bohara, Bibiya Shrestha, Sabita Gurung, Sanam Kumar Bairag, Janaki Pant, Manoj KC, Dhruv Dutt and Kumud Pant among others.

Bikram D Joshi and Hiral Joshi are the producers of the film, while Srijana Joshi Maharjan is the executive producer and Sabita Gurung is the co-producer. The film, produced by Biranjana Entertainment in collaboration with Maharani Entertainment UK and Everest Surya Bohara Films, is produced by De Creative Studios, UK and Kamma Entertainment, India Line. The film has a story by director Bohara and Bikram Joshi, script by director Bohara and dialogues by Abhimanyu Nirvi. Distributed by RR Films, the film is directed by Everest Surya Bohara and edited by  D. Gurung.