Surabina Karki, who has created the image of a bold heroine, has been searching for success for a long time. Debuting as an actress in the film 'Jheli', she has acted in half a dozen films since then but her career has not picked up speed. Seeing no future in Nepali film, she even stayed in India for three years to enter Bollywood. However, her dream of entering Bollywood did not come true.


She has been in Nepal since the beginning of the Corona epidemic. The song 'Ke Maya Lagchha Ra?', in which she acted in the first lockdown, suddenly brought her into the limelight. From this song, she is more or less known among the audience. But, for the past 5 years, she was without a film. Her latest release is 'Lukamari'.

After a long wait, Surbina has got a new film. On Monday, she was signed for the film 'Kandetar' directed and produced by Nawal Khadka. Surabina is happy to be associated with the upcoming film on the subject of nation and nationality. Before her, hero Gaurav Pahari and heroine Rebika Gurung have already signed a contract for this film. Director Khadka himself will also act in the film.

[Surabina Karki]

Director Khadka informed that the film, which will be shot after the festival, will raise the issue of barbed wire on the border of Nepal and India. He also believes that the film will shake the nation. The film will be shot on the Nepal-India border and will be directed by Nawal and Shankar Karki.