Popular singer Manju Poudel is in mourning. Singer Manju's mother Bhagwati Gyawali died on Saturday at the age of 65. For some time now, singer Manju has been giving special care and treatment to her cancer-stricken mother.

[Manju Podel with her Mother]

According to lyricist Bimal Gautam, she had gone to Gulmi from Kathmandu only two days ago. She died within two days of her arrival. "She was undergoing regular treatment at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital and reached Gulmi only on Kartik 4. She passed away at 10 am on Kartik 6, ”said lyricist Gautam. Bimal late. Bhagwati's eldest son-in-law and singer Manju's nephew. The last rites were performed at Reedy in Gulmi on Saturday.

Fursad Nepal expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and pays a heartfelt tribute to the late Bhagwati Gyawali.