Biraj Bhatta is known as a hero who introduces new trends in action in Nepali films. His acting style is different from other heroes of Nepal. That is why he worked mostly in action films in his career and created the image of an 'action hero' in the audience. At one time, he was only in an action movie. Producers have been rich just by putting his face on the poster.

As the storytelling style of Nepali films changed over time and the audience's interest in action films began to decline, he suddenly turned to Bhojpuri films in India. He made only Bhojpuri films for about 8 years. In the meantime, it is not that he did not make a comeback from 'Jai Parashuram' from a Nepali film, but the audience did not believe him. After this, he became busy in Bhojpuri again.

After acting in more than 150 films in Bhojpuri, he decided to leave Bhojpuri completely and make a Nepali film 'Sanglo' under his own production and direction. However, the film did not make Biraj's comeback meaningful. That is, the film did not run relatively well. After this, he again took refuge in Bhojpuri. He has completed the shooting of 3/4 Bhojpuri films.

Talking to media persons at director Sudarshan Thapa's wedding party, Biraj, who was in Nepal before Dashain for a family reunion, said that he had left Bhojpuri to make a 'Sanglo' but continued the work as proposals started coming from Bhojpuri after the Corona epidemic. He is again planning to make a new Nepali film with his own investment and direction.

Biraj, who has been in the Nepali film industry for almost two decades, is now rumored to be preparing to make his sons' film debut. He is about to make the eldest of his two sons the hero of Nepali films. Biraj has not said openly on this issue.  However, he has tacitly acknowledged that his eldest son is about to make his debut in the film.