The trailer of the reality show 'Nephop Ko Shreepech' has been released. Directed by Nikesh Khadka, the trailer features Girish Khatiwada, Balen, Easy12, Mr. D and Dayjen, and Kavi. The trailer from OSR has been made public. Filmed by Rupesh Thapa and edited by Himal Joshi, the theme song of the trailer is by Vyoma. For the first time in Nepal, 'Nephop Ko Shreepech' is a rap music reality show.

The show is a collaboration between Dishome and Media AcademyIME pay as a voting partner, Dishome Fiber Net, and A.M. E-Remit is in the role of co-sponsor of the show. Rappers Balen Shah and Girish Khatiwada are the judges in the show. The winner of the reality show will get Rs 1 million and the runner-up will get Rs 500,000.