Last year, there was a big controversy in Nepali cinema about who is the Mahanaayak (SuperHero). The actors were divided on whether to consider Rajesh Hamal as a Superhero or not.

Comedian Dipashree Niraula has been criticized for a long time after she said that she does not consider Rajesh Hamal as a superhero. She cried and apologized after being the victim of a troll.

At this time, the 'Mahanayak-Mahanayika' controversy has come to the surface again. The controversy has resumed after the successful actor Shiva Shrestha said that the Nepali film industry would have been shut down without Bhuwan K.C.

According to Shiva Shrestha, Gauri Malla is the Mahanayika while Bhuwan K.C is the Mahanayak. After calling Bhuwan K.C a superhero, now Rajesh Hamal's fans are angry.

Meanwhile, actor Rajesh Hamal has posted a post on Facebook. Where he has said, ‘Do the right thing, you will get the fruit.’ Therefore, it can be assumed that he has posted targeting the same subject.

He also said that "Let your work speak for itself." In other words, Hamal is of the opinion that work should win the hearts of people rather than talking too much.