After the start of the second wave of Corona, district administrative offices across the country had decided to suspend the operation of cinema halls indefinitely last Baisakh. Accordingly, the hall was being closed for about four months.

Last month, administration offices in various districts of the country, including Kathmandu, have given permission to open cinemas following health safety standards. However, the cinema hall has not been able to open as there is no new film for screening despite the permission of the administration office. The producers are ready to release the film only if they get MG from the distributors and dealers to secure the investment. The Film Development Board, Film Producers Association, Nepal Film Association, and other organizations are engaged in discussions on this issue on a daily basis.

Hall businessman and filmmaker Ashok Sharma said that the cinema hall will be opened from Dashain anyway. "The film industry will not function until the hall is opened. We are flexible in, what facilities can be provided to the producer. Whether it is by giving a higher percentage to the producer or by providing financial assistance from the development board, we will reach a decision soon after discussing with all parties", he said in a program on Sunday. Stating that discussions are underway on how to protect the producer, he further said, "Once the producer is gone, it is gone. Actors can arise from one film if not another. That's why we're serious about how to protect the producer. He said that initiatives are being taken to open halls, in some of the remaining districts.'