Lately, Nepali music videos have been filmed in beautiful places outside the country. Singer and musician Tula Parbat has released videos filmed in Macau while music videos are being shot in the UK, USA and other countries. Filmed at Macau's tourist and fun sites, the video takes a closer look at love, romance, and separation. The video of lyricist Jhakendra Sharma's song 'Timle Maya Marera' has been made public. Sharma is currently living in the United States.

Singer Parbat has shown the story of the separation of a lover boy who was forced to endure the pain of deception when he handed over everything to his beloved girlfriend. The song, directed by singer Parbat himself, features Ramesh Adhikari, Shree Ram Pokharel, and Sunita Adhikari. The video with the music of Tula Parbat has been filmed and edited by him as well.