Pradip Bhattarai, who started his directorial journey from the film 'Jatra', has already proved himself in directing. The 'Shatru Gate' and 'Jatra' series identified him as an accomplished director in comedy films. All three films he directed successfully celebrated their 51st day in cinemas. Due to this, his name has come up as a successful director of Nepali films. He has not returned to directing after the film 'Jatrai Jatra' was released in 2076 BS. Before Lockdown, he was in the process of making a new film in collaboration with 'Maha Jodi'. However, the shooting of the film has not started yet.

Do directors like him have to work hard to raise the film industry plagued by the Corona epidemic? However, the current directors are silent at this time. Director Bhattarai has apologized to the audience for not being able to give the film during the Corona epidemic. "We are doing injustice to the audience," he said, 'When there was a comfortable situation, we used to tell the audience to come and watch the movie. I really want to apologize to the audience for the situation that has arisen today where we have to say 'watch outsides movies'. He argues that the filmmaker should be able to make a film for the audience even if the situation is the same. Giving an example, he says, ‘If an office person is eating at a hotel for a monthly fee, there is no excuse to tell that person to eat out today and I cannot open a shop. We have created a similar situation now. ' Realizing this, he said that he was ready to do something soon. Informing that a short film is being made for YouTube, he said, "At this time, I am preparing to give it to the viewers even if it is a short film. Two short films will be made public on YouTube before Dashain, 'he said. He is preparing to start shooting for the feature film once the situation returns to normal.