The relationship between director Sudarshan Thapa and actress Pooja Sharma is considered exemplary in the field of film. The business relationship between them is not only strong, but they are also equally close personally. After the movie 'Prem Geet', their names were associated with each other for a long time. It is not that the news of quarrels did not come from time to time. However, to this day, they are moving forward together.


After the film 'Madhumas', Sudarshan has not directed a film without Pooja. Most of the collaborative films between them are successful. Pooja's stardom was sparked by the Sudarshan-directed film 'Prem Geet'. Before that, she was not able to come to the limelight. That is why Sudarshan is said to have a big hand in establishing her in the film industry. Pooja herself admits this. While appearing as a guest on the comedy show 'Mundre Ko Comedy Club' on Sunday, she had a brief conversation with the media and said that it was Sudarshan Thapa's hand in making her. She said, ‘I am not ashamed that I am made by Sudarshan Thapa. He has made many artists. I am a member of Sudarshan Thapa's team. I am what I was today because of Sudarshan Thapa'.

Last week, Sudarshan got engaged to Supriya Katuwal. However, he did not invite Pooja. After this, the relationship between them deteriorated and now there is talk in the film industry that there will be no cooperation in the film. However, Pooja has said that teaming up will not be over as Sudarshan Thapa is getting married. She also said that she never pressured Sudarshan Thapa to be 'me' in every film. She further said, "I will also get married tomorrow. Even then, I did not tell Sudarshan that I should be included in the film. I have always told Sudarshan that if I don't fit in the story, let's put another one. I never pressured him to say that I should be in this film. In 'Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu', I offered other heroines. I don't think that I must be in my film'.