The official teaser of the movie 'Jaar' has been made public. In the public teaser, actors Anup Bikram Shahi and Saugat Malla are seen in different roles. Actress Gitanjali Thapa is in the lead role of the film. The film, produced by Ferrari Tale Pictures in collaboration with Hope Real and LA Shorts, is directed by Phurba Chiring Lama. Gitanjali is a National Award-winning actress of India. The story of 'Jaar' is written by Indra Bahadur Rai.

The Indian team is involved in the entire technical work in the film, which was shot in Sikkim, India. The film was shot last April. The film has music by Jhuma Limbu and Ganga Thapa and editing by Akhilesh Rai. In 'Jaar', which is based on a real story, the central conflict is the female character.