As Haritalika Teej is approaching, there is a competition to make Teej songs public in Nepal's music market. Even in the midst of the Corona epidemic, more than 200 Teej songs were released this year. However, one teej song has been resounding for decades. Included in the Prakash Thapa directed film 'Kanyadan', made in 1991, 'Teej Ko Lahar Aayo Bari Lai' is an evergreen Teej song. To this date, no song has surpassed this song. When this song starts playing, then people feel the bright light of Teej.

This song, which carries the importance of Teej, has been called the song that forgets the sorrows of women. The original video of the song with lyrics by Chetan Karki, voice by Deepa Jha and Purnima Shrestha, and music by Manohari Singh was not found on YouTube. In the song starring Gauri Malla, Basundhara Bhushal, and Subhadra Adhikari, wishing her husband a long life, the sisters who have met after years, are asked to forget all their sorrows and dance happily.

The choreographer of the video of the song is Basanta Shrestha. Before and after this, Teej songs were used as storytelling in many films. Some even gained good discussion in a short time. However, Teej songs of other films could not be made like yesterday. Nor is it likely to happen tomorrow. The film's director Prakash Thapa, actress Subhadra Adhikari and lyricist Chetan Karki have passed away. Teej's songs are also included in films like 'Aafno Manche' (Teej Ra Tihar Aauda Ma), 'Muna Madan' (Nacha Nacha Sangini), 'Andaaz' (Aayo Barai Teej Ko Ramjham), 'Romeo and Munama Dance' (Dance Maa Ma Ek Number), 'Anjaan Mai Maya Basla Hai' (Teej Ko Yo Kasto Rahar), 'Shakuntala' (Lapakkai Lali), 'Ranga Baijani' (Chhad Ko Pote). Nowadays, Teej's songs are not very popular in the film.