Love in itself is something that combines emotion and experience. Love is an experience in which people begin to find the world more beautiful than before. People who fall in love feel as if there is only love around them. Due to modernization, westernization, and globalization, the world is transforming into a small society. Along with the development of capitalism, people have moved from one place to another through the development of science and technology, transportation, communication, employment, educational opportunities, and social media.

The situation is becoming intertwined between different caste communities, religions, cultures, languages, classes, and circumstances. The possibility of a love affair between young people from different backgrounds is increasing while working together. But as much as love marriage is taking the place of arranged marriage, the love affair is also causing problems. One of them is interracial love affair and marriage. That is why the trailer of the short film 'Pani Nachalne Chhori' has been made public. Directed by Prakash Budhathoki, the film seeks to show the pain suffered by a daughter-in-law from an interracial relationship in a trailer.

The trailer of the movie made with the investment of Kriti Bahadur Singh has been released on Kollywood Friday YouTube channel. The film stars Swonika Bastola, Bimala Giri, Prakash Budhathoki, Kriti Bahadur Singh, Prabesh Bhatta and Kanchhi Nagarkoti. The movie will be released on Bhadra 4.