The music video of the duet song 'Aina Heri Heri' sung by singer Pushpan Pradhan and Alina Chauhan has been made public. The song has music by Bhim BC and lyrics by Shivraj Yogi. The video, produced by Sabita Adhikari and directed by Gamvir Bista, stars Akash Karki and Anu Kafle.

Anu Kafle and Akash Karki, who has acted in songs like Batauli and Tin Paate, have worked together for the first time. The tense situation between the approaching Teej and the Corona outbreak is reflected in the video of the song. The video, shot by Nabaraj Uprety, is choreographed by Subol Thapa. The video has been edited by Prabin Bhatt.

Story summary:- Anu, who can't stand hunger at all is fasting on teej for the longevity of her husband “Akash” who is fighting for life due to Corona in the hospital. The pain of Anu (who is sitting at home fasting for her husband ) and Aakash who is in the hospital is portrayed in this video