The editing of the film "Bihe Paas", which was shot before the ban, has been completed. The director of the film Prabesh Poudel said that the editing work of the film 'Bihe Pass' has been completed. He informed that the film is now ready for dubbing. He said that during the ban, the technical work of the film was done as much as possible. The shooting of the film, which is based on a different story, started last Chaitra at a temple in Biratnagar.

 Bihe Pass

Director Poudel also said that the release time of the film was uncertain due to the ban and closure of the hall. He said, "The condition of the film is like this now. It is difficult to raise the stakes by applying film including OTT. The release date of the film cannot be fixed until the hall is opened. The release date of the film will be fixed only if the hall is opened."  Dayahang Rai and Prakriti Shrestha are seen in the lead roles in the film. Also, the film has a story by Aakash Baral, Sajan Kafle, and Muray Kerr and a presentation by Rohit Kattel. The film is co-produced by Galgen Lama and executive produced by Ratna Shrestha.