Singers Prakash Saput and Sunita Dulal have been appointed disaster risk reduction goodwill ambassadors. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) organized a program at Singha Durbar on Thursday and announced the appointment of a goodwill ambassador.

Singer Saput from Baglung and Dulal from Sindhupalchowk has been appointed as goodwill ambassadors, according to NDRRMA.

NDRRMA joint secretary Anita Niraula said that both of them have been declared goodwill ambassadors for one year. She said that the artists have been appointed as goodwill ambassadors as they have a special role to play in disaster risk reduction. Joint Secretary Bishwaprakash Aryal, who is also the spokesperson of NDRMA, said that they have been appointed to spread public awareness to reduce the disaster risk.

Prakash Saput & Sunita Dulal

After the appointment of the envoy, the NDRRMA expects both of them to play an important role in disaster risk reduction. Anil Pokharel, chief executive officer of NDRRMA, said that the NDRRMA has been working to reduce the risk faced by Nepalese to a minimum in 10 years.

Expressing happiness over being associated with NDRRMA, both the actors have expressed their commitment to play all possible roles on their behalf. They also stressed the need for other government agencies to cooperate with other artists in the same way as this is their first collaboration with government agencies.

The music video of the song "Baadhi Pahiro Haamilai Chintaa Gahiro" sung and sung by singer Saput and singer Dulal has also been made public.