Comedian Palpasa Dangol is undergoing treatment at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu after both her kidneys failed. The doctor said that her kidney had to be transplanted. A financial campaign has also been launched to raise funds for her treatment after reports surfaced that her kidneys were failing. However, Palpasa says that she needs kidneys more than money.

Director Deepashree Niraula says, "Initially, it was said that it would cost Rs 5 million for the treatment. We also discussed whether to start a fundraising campaign. However, after the doctor said that it would cost only Rs 1.5 to 2 million, there was talk of not collecting the amount. Palpasa has said that she can pay the amount itself."

According to Deepa, Palpasa has said that she needs kidneys more than financial assistance. Since kidney transplantation can be done only from relatives, so the issue of kidney transplantation from relatives is being discussed. Palpasa, who has been battling kidney problems for the past five years, has been undergoing treatment at the hospital for the past month.