The film "Paras", which was stopped due to the epidemic, has been pushed further. The shooting of 'Paras' has become uncertain after Anmol K.C made a film 'X-Nine' to be directed by Mukunda Bhatt. Anmol told us that it was almost decided to do 'X-Nine' but a written agreement was yet to be made.

"It's almost agreed to work, but the agreement is yet to be reached. It will be done in a few days," Anmol said. There are also rumors that Anmol is going to take good money for this film. He was rumored to have been offered Rs 75 lakh by the producer but Anmol said he would not comment on the amount. "I will not talk about it," he said.

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty was also rumored to be starring in the film. Though director Mukunda Bhatt confirmed the news, Sunil Shetty replied that it was not true. "There is no such thing," Sunil Shetty had replied in an e-mail.

Director Bhatt with Anmol

Mukunda Bhatt said that preparations are being made to sign an agreement with Anmol in the first week of Shrawan. In the case of Sunil Shetty, he also informed us that he would go to Mumbai in a few days and finalize the agreement. The film also stars Saugat Malla, Pushpa Khadka and Nabin Lamsal, Anup Bikram Shahi, and Raj Katuwal in important roles. The work of the film, which will be shot in various cities of Europe and Abu Dhabi along with Nepal, will start after the tihar festival, said Anmol. Priyanka Thapa will be the lone actress in the film, which will have a jumbo team of male actors.

Mukunda Bhatt has directed  'War' and two series of  'Lappan Chappan'. The second part of the movie Lappan Chappan has not been released yet due to Corona. Along with 'Paras', Anmol had also announced to play 'Maitighar 2' and 'Anti Hero'. However, it is yet to be decided when these films will be shot. Subodh Chopra, the director of 'Maitighar 2', died in Mumbai a few months ago due to corona.