The short film 'Kheda' i.e. 'Katha' based on the marriage and Palam culture of the Limbu community has been made public. The short film starts with the ex-wife of Lahure worrying that her grandson will not bring her daughter-in-law as she is old enough to go to collect a pension after her husband's death.

The short film, which seeks to show the culture of marriage up close, also presents the Limbu dance. The video has a script and dialogue by Debendra Khapung Surkeli. Rukman Limbu and Sabnam Limbu are playing the lead roles in this short film.


They are accompanied by Yaseli Yonghang Limbu, Manu Thaklung Limbu, Nainakala Angdembe, Namling Okhrabu Limbu, Nirmala Tawa, Niturani Nembang and others. The film features the chabrong dance of the Yakthung Kelang group and the Phedape Kelang group and is shot by Buddha Thapa. Edited by Bikas Dahal, the film is directed by Loken Sanba Limbu.